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The leader's of Sapphire Summit want to tell you there FUEL SECRET and charge you at the SAME TIME for the personal growth you will see in your FUEL DIRECT / NATURE RICH mlm business.

Lets simplify the FUEL SECRET this way. Do a search on JAMES EGGE's blogspots and you can see his wonderful FUEL SAVINGS he personally received using the product per vehicle per his household.

WOW! Impressive posting we can view.

This LIE as he only had one vehicle for that year, and partial for that year as he let it go back to the bank)caught my attention so much that it just had to be shared with others!!!

Something so great can not go untold. So, HIS LIE,

amongst many exist in a PERMANENT FILE with the MN STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL.

If you feel "INDUCED to purchase" an mlm package at FUEL DIRECT - Send a letter to the MN ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE

as so many others are in the process of doing.

Exercise your first ammendment rights and speak up if you

have been misled to purchase something that didn't do what he said it would.

Review about: Super Gashole Miracle Juice.

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